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In a spin

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Dedication and team-work has helped this young person improve his mobility and find enjoyment in movement…

When one of the children at Mayfield Children’s Home arrived he had very poor mobility due to his Cerebral Palsy.  Although he was not confined to a wheelchair, he was unable to stand for long periods or walk more than about 5 steps before dropping and sitting down on the floor so when we went out on activities, he would use his wheelchair. 

Honeysuckle team worked together to help motivate him with his walking.  Helping him with fun exercises, they discovered how he liked the sensation of turning and spinning which he liked to do regularly.  When the home was running their Mayfield’s Got Talent show, one of the categories was to showcase a talent.  He chose to demonstrate his spinning talent – a remarkable achievement when compared to the limited time he used to spend on his feet!

A 3 wheeled trike was bought for him to enable him to get out and about in the local countryside which has proved to be a great success.  He has been encouraged to go on regular walks with core staff, using things that motivate him like his trike.  Amazingly, he has gradually increased his stamina and will now walk for over 40 minutes independently.  With staff using verbal prompts, he will also go and sit down on a nearby wall or a bench if there is something close by rather than dropping to the floor.

A great testament to how dedication, team-work and perseverance can really make a difference to a young person’s life.