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Children’s First Award Winner

Children’s First Award Winner

21 December 2023

This is the submission given that lead to Leah winning the Childrens First Award!

Learning Is Fun!

Learning is fun!

13 December 2023

Here is a little insight into one of the free training days we run here at PJL!

What Qualities Really Make A Difference When Working In Children’s Residential Childcare?

What Qualities really make a difference when working in children’s residential childcare?

30 March 2023

Care is at the heart of what we do so we like to try and look beyond just the normal attributes when considering new applicants who want to join our talented staff team.  So, what really makes an applicant stand out from the rest?

Is Working As A Residential Childcare Practitioner What Reece Thought It Would Be? …

Is working as a residential childcare practitioner what Reece thought it would be? …

22 February 2023

A career in this industry can sometimes attract negative press. Reece joined our Framfield home in June 2022 and we asked him if working as a residential childcare practitioner is what he thought it would be …

Making The Change From Education To Residential Care. 

Making the change from education to residential care. 

30 December 2022

Julie has made a career of working with children. Starting within the education sector, she made the move to children’s residential care and joined Mayfield Children’s Home in April 2022. We asked her how she is finding it.

My Career As Waking Night Residential Childcare Practitioner – I’ve Never Loved A Job So Much!

My career as waking night residential childcare practitioner – I’ve never loved a job so much!

29 November 2022

If you are wondering what it’s like to work as a waking night residential childcare practitioner, read on as Zoe explains why she has never loved a job so much!

A New Career As A Residential Childcare Practitioner

A new career as a Residential Childcare Practitioner

13 October 2022

Charlotte started at Framfield Children’s Home in August 2020. Just as we were battling with Covid. Two years on and she’s settled in really well so we asked her how it was all going . . .

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

20 September 2022

The rainbow symbol has come to mean a variety of things to different people. We look at how rainbow symbolism evokes strong emotions and messages, as we explore the link between PJL and rainbows.

Summer Fun

Summer Fun

31 August 2022

We rounded off a brilliant summer of fun with a fun day/sports day, where the young people and staff from both our homes came together for a memorable day!

Making A Career In Residential Child Care

Making a career in residential child care

4 July 2022

Working in social care is sometimes not seen as a career. With the right attitude and support, it can be a very rewarding career choice as our Deputy Manager at Framfield explains.

Support Worker Interview

Support Worker interview

31 January 2022

We had a chat with David to find out what made him want to be a Support Worker and how he finds working at PJL Healthcare.

PJL Staff Work Together In The Latest Team Building Challenge …

PJL Staff work together in the latest team building challenge …

7 December 2021

We’re always looking for something different to get the teams together and have some fun. Find out more about our latest team building challenge …