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Mayfield Children's Home

We live in really lovely houses which are all named after flowers. They are:

  • Sunflower House
  • Primrose House
  • Bluebell House
  • Poppy House
  • Honeysuckle House

Living here is brilliant! It is just like a normal home, we even get to decorate our own bedrooms.

Everyone here is so nice. The staff are nice, the young people are nice.

Alice, who lives in Poppy House.

And it is true, we really are all nice! ?

Our garden is amazing! We have a swimming pool, trampoline, football goals, play areas and plenty of space to run around.

Lots of fun activities are organised for us, like going to the cinema, yoga classes, trips to the seaside and visiting theme parks.

Our latest news

Swimming Fun!

Swimming fun!

18 April 2022

We’ve got our own indoor swimming pool at Mayfield. Click here and we’ll show you what it’s like!

Fun In The Garden

Fun in the garden

18 April 2021

Roly polies, football and trampolining. Just three of the fun things we do in our garden!

What’s It’s Like Moving To Mayfield House?

What’s it’s like moving to Mayfield house?

7 April 2021

What’s it really like at Mayfield Children’s Home? We asked one of the children who recently moved in and these were his answers.

Mayfield’s Got Talent

Mayfield’s Got Talent

29 April 2020

Excitement has been growing as we think of ways to show our talents in a new challenge each week for Mayfield’s Got Talent.

Want to know more?

Here are some of the questions we asked before we came to live here.

Will I get pocket money?

Yes! We all get at least £5 a week … a bit more if you are older.

And we get an allowance to buy clothes and do activities, which the staff look after for us.

Can I decorate my bedroom?

Yes! You can help choose the colours for your room and put up whatever pictures you like. Darren has decorated his room with posters from his favourite films, while Sophie has put up photos and pictures she has drawn.

Even if you are only visiting us for a few days, your room will still have all your favourite things in it.

Can I bring my stuff with me?

Yes! You can bring everything you need. The staff will take care of anything that has to be kept safe and the rest of your things can go in your bedroom.

What is the rest of the house like?

It is really welcoming, just like any other home. We have a lounge we can relax in and we all eat together in the dining room. There is loads of space to play in and quiet places you can escape to when you need some chill out time.

Can I still see my Mum?

We all get a bit sad sometimes about being away from our family. But the staff who take care of us make sure that we keep in close contact with the people who are important to us. You can invite your family to come and visit you, plus you can go for trips back home too.

What can I do for fun?

We have excellent gardens with lots of things to play with. And the staff are always thinking of fun activities for us to do. They will chat to you about what you like and make sure you do plenty of your favourite things – and try new stuff. You can find out more about the fun we have on our activities page.

Where will I go on trips?

We are really lucky because there are loads of different places to visit near us. There are big towns with lots of shops, cinemas, Laser Quest, swimming pools and a bowling alley. We are quite near the beach, so we can go for days out there. There are lots of other things to do, like Go Ape, Drusilla’s zoo, Bedgebury Forest and Knockhatch adventure park. And we sometimes go to places further away, like Thorpe Park or Chessington World of Adventures.

Every year we go on holiday somewhere, which is the best! If you don’t like the idea of staying away overnight, that is fine too. You can have lots of fun days out instead.