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Our USP? Passion.

Janis Thompson, Director.

Our USP? Passion.

Janis Thompson, Director.

The beginning

In 2005 Janis Thompson’s daughter, who worked at Mayfield Children’s Home, asked her Mum if she could cover some maternity leave in the payroll department. Having recently left work in the service industry, and toying with the idea of early retirement, Janis stepped into the breach. Little did she know what would come next!

Just one year later the company who owned the home made a decision to stop offering children’s services. Closure was on the cards.

Phoenix from the flames

Unable to bear the thought of the children losing their home, Janis made the life changing decision to buy the business, alongside fellow directors Paul Sellars and Lycia Sellars. PJL Healthcare was born.

Through investment, vision and hard work, they started to turn the home’s fortunes around and transform Mayfield Children’s Home into an exemplary provider of care for young people.

A flourishing service

They didn’t stop there!

In 2015 they opened a second children’s home in nearby Framfield.

Their efforts have focused on the quality of care they provide. In 2013 they opened the Training Centre; enabling their team to grow and develop alongside the people in their care.