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Learning is fun!

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We had a fantastic day, introducing the attendees to what working with in a children’s home is all about. They all completed Basic Life Support training using our fabulous  ‘Choking Charlie’ and CPR dummies Freddie & Jimmy. All participants said after this training that they would be confident in future if faced with a first aid emergency.

We discovered through the telling of a story how we all make assumptions in everyday life, and we should be careful not to stereotype, discriminate or label people.

We completed a safeguarding quiz looking into the importance of keeping all children and young people safe from harm.

We finished the day looking at behaviour being communication, and how children feel when they have sensory needs and those around them don’t make adjustments for this.

They took part in activities wearing thick gardening gloves and distorting goggles where they had to complete puzzles and fiddly tasks. They had to draw around a picture and write their names whilst looking in a mirror and only had a minute to complete this. They experienced feelings of frustration and disappointment and were able to feel real empathy for children who face these difficulties every day. Several of our attendees were students from college who were keen to find out whether working for us would be something they wanted to do when they had finished their courses. They all said they enjoyed the day and would definitely be in touch in the future.