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Geocaching with Ashleigh

At Framfield we have found out about Geocaches. For those who do not know it is a real-life treasure hunting game that requires you to locate hidden items in your local area and around the World using an app which provides co-ordinates, hints, and directions. It is that simple, download the App, sign up, grab a pen and paper, and the adventure begins!

This has been great fun for the young people and the adults at Framfield as it has been a motivation to get out the house, get moving, find new places, and most importantly work as a team!

When we found our first Geocache, we were all so excited … we could not quite believe they had been there all along, right under our noses! It inspired us to look for more and now if we go anywhere new, we check out the App … you never know where they might be!

So far, we have found 4 Geocaches and we would encourage you to give it a go too … go for it … you never know you might like it!!! Happy hunting!