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COVID-19 – we will get through this together

As the coronavirus pandemic continues throughout this country and the world, we have all had to make adjustments. Here at PJL Healthcare, we’ve been working hard to keep everyone safe and support those in our care at this difficult time.

Safety first

The safety of those who live with us and our team is always of paramount importance. These new circumstances we’re living in make it even more of a priority.

We have implemented new hygiene, cleaning and social distancing policies for our teams, and have plenty of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in stock if needed.

We know all the extra handwashing can take its toll on our skin, so we’ve given all our team a little gift to help.
Our thanks also goes out to the lovely ladies in Hartfield who made these beautiful laundry bags for our team’s work clothes.

All our support workers are encouraged to keep their ID badge with them and make the most of the benefits available while they’re working through such difficult times. These include childcare, schooling, preferential opening hours at supermarkets or online deliveries, and AA cover while travelling to work.

We’re keeping all visitors to a minimum for the time being. Sadly, we have had to make the difficult decision to temporarily close our respite services. We will reopen as soon as it is safe for us to do so, and in the meantime, we’ll really miss you all.

Our office teams have been working from home since the beginning of the outbreak. We’re so grateful for how well they’ve adapted and been able to continue their vital work behind the scenes. Thanks also goes to Tracey, who’s has a rather lonely job manning reception in isolation!

Communicating about coronavirus

We’re taking great care to keep our young people appropriately informed about the coronavirus pandemic and what it means for them.

Our team have been positive and innovative in doing this, making good use of techniques such as Widgit visual communications like this:

We’re asking our young people to significantly change their lifestyles and to wash their hands more. But we’re also reassuring them that, for young people, coronavirus is a relatively mild illness. While we want them to take care, we’re also mindful not to heighten any anxieties at this difficult time.

All our young people are encouraged to join in with the “clap for carers” on Thursdays. This helps them to understand the situation and show appreciation for the key workers supporting them and others.

We asked our young people to create some artwork about the situation – and they did not disappoint!

Continuing to care

Despite the changes we’ve had to make, our team are working incredibly hard to ensure that the quality of care remains as excellent as ever.

Everyone who works here has their own personal worries and are under extra pressure at home. But this hasn’t stopped them working tirelessly to support our young people. We are incredibly proud of them all.

On a practical note, we’ve ordered extra household goods (including toilet paper!) to ensure we have a good supply. And Janis went out for a huge cash and carry shop before lockdown, so we probably have enough tinned food to last until the end of the year!

Behind the scenes, our training team has been modifying their approach so that they can continue to provide our high standards of training in a safe way, including for new recruits.

We can still have fun!

Home schooling has arrived at PJL Healthcare, as it has in so many homes around the country. Our team is working hard to maintain the young people’s education. We’ve even set up a learning/activity/fun room at Framfield to support home schooling and other activities.

We have plenty of craft supplies in stock and the young people have already been making rainbow posters to put in their windows. We’re looking forward to seeing many more artistic creations over the coming weeks.

The performers among us will also have the opportunity to showcase their talents as we introduce our first ever “Mayfield’s Got Talent” challenge!

Our homes are set in beautiful surroundings with plenty of outdoor space. We’re continuing to make the most of this during lockdown with plenty of fitness and fun in the gardens.

Our doors may be closed, but we’re always open

It may not be as easy to visit us at the moment, but our team is here for anything you need. Whether you’re concerned about what’s happening during lockdown or have some ideas about how we can keep our young people entertained, please do get in touch.