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Covid-19 update

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Well, 2020 was certainly a different and difficult year for us all and so far, 2021 is not the new year that we all hoped for!

In the words of our owner/Director Paul,

In the 16 or so years we have owned PJL, we have not seen anything like what we experienced in January 2021.  Covid-19 hit us very hard but we survived through the efforts of our magnificent staff team.

We are grateful to everyone for pulling together, particularly early January when Coronavirus cases were at their peak. As the new, more transmissible variant took hold, it was a worrying time for us all; both at work and at home.  For PJL and the young people we care for, it has been extremely difficult and we are hugely grateful to everyone for making sure that we were able to keep things as ‘normal’ as possible whilst dealing with the additional stresses. 

This has included the introduction of rapid testing and home testing during the most critical times and additional PPE and processes to reduce the spread of infection.

As cases with the staff team and their families increased, it was great to see everyone going the extra mile to help.  At Mayfield, we are particularly grateful to staff members who volunteered to stay away from their families and live at Mayfield Children’s Home to be on hand where needed – it was a massive help!

Regular and thorough handwashing is still essential, and we will continue to undertake 3 x PCR swab tests a week on staggered days and every staff member will also be able to take home one single PCR swab test. During the outbreak situation we had to wear full PPE but now things are easing, we’re able to work with just Type 2 IIR face masks and visors, gloves and aprons only needed when completing personal care.

Training Update      

Our training team have had to find ways to address training issues arising from the restrictions of the pandemic, to do things differently, and at the same time make continuous improvement.  We have used Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and had telephone meetings as well to keep in touch with everyone. We have, despite Covid managed to have a record number of learners completing their L3 Diplomas.

Covid Vaccination programme

The excellent results of vaccination protection means that we can start to see a way out of this pandemic.  The country-wide vaccination programme is underway and we are helping all our support staff to access vaccinations.  We are pleased to say that up to now, over 90% of staff have now been vaccinated and some of our over 18 year old residents have also had their first Covid-19 vaccination.  This is really great news and will really help us to keep ourselves, our families, our PJL family and the wider community safe from the worst effects of Covid-19.


We are pleased to see the news is getting much more positive with infection rates coming down and a steady vaccination programme in place country wide.  Thankfully, Covid cases within PJL staff members and young people have not resulted in any long-term, serious illness. Most staff affected have now returned to work and the young people affected have come out of their isolation periods unscathed and we have seen most of them happily return to school. Our respite children have returned and so far, things are going well which provides much needed support to those children and their families. We continue to stay positive and find innovative ways to deliver outstanding care and opportunities to those we support whilst being responsible and safe in these difficult times.