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Mayfield Children’s Home, Activity and Life Goal Co-ordinator

Keeping the children busy and fulfilled is all part of daily life at Mayfield Children’s Home. The role of Activity and Life Goal Co-ordinator is key to the success of the Home.

Laura has been doing this busy job for the past 3 years but has now sadly decided to have a change. One of our Support Workers, Kayleigh has been appointed to take over from Laura and we managed to speak to them both about the role and what it means to them.

Laura, you have been our MCH Activity and Life Goal Co-ordinator for over three years, have you always done this type of role?

Prior to working at Mayfield Children’s Home, I worked in the leisure industry.  I initially applied for the role as I felt I had the skills to help develop a varied activities programme and help to support young people to achieve their ambitions.

What does a day in your job entail?

I work closely with all of the young people at Mayfield and have regular meetings with key workers to establish and review goals. I develop weekly activity planners which incorporate young people’s wishes and interests. Young people are supported to attend monthly resident’s meetings, this is a valuable time for them to discuss their thoughts and feelings. Activities discussed during these meetings are then reflected in their planners.

An important part of my role is to ensure that these activities are safe and regularly evaluated which helps with future planning.  It has been really lovely to see the young people take part in a mixture of activities including regular swimming trips, visits to the cinema, days out to farms and zoos and enjoying ice cream at the seaside!

Each child has six goals they are currently working towards. Goals incorporate tasks which aid them to keep themselves safe, develop healthy habits and support others by making a positive contribution. They also have super goals, these are longer term goals, and it’s always wonderful to see progress.

What is your most memorable moment here?

My most memorable moment was attending a local church service at Christmas time, helping to support a young person who was attending respite services. The Christmas concert involved listening to a local choir and brass band. The young person we were supporting danced throughout the whole service and seemed to find great value in attending. We were made to feel incredibly welcome by the Church and, following on from this positive experience we were able to support the young person to attend similar gatherings.

What will you miss most?

I will really miss spending time with the young people and my colleagues, however I will still be here from time to time as a support worker.

Future plans?

I will be starting a degree course at Brighton University in Psychology and Counselling Studies and am looking forward to spending more time with my family.

Kayleigh, you have been a Support Worker at Mayfield Children’s Home for nearly 2 years, what made you want to apply for this role?

I wanted a new challenge, but I wanted to stay within the company as I enjoy working here. I have a very keen interest in the young people’s daily activities and I want to be able to assist in providing them with enriching experiences. I am also a lover of all things hands on, whether it’s arts and crafts or gardening.

You have only been in the role for a couple of weeks, how is it so far?  Have you got plans for activities you would like to include in the future?

Currently I am working alongside Laura, and having a full handover of the role, which is a really valuable experience to have, especially from someone who has so much knowledge and skill within the job!

I have so many plans for the future within this role, the introduction of more clubs for the young people is one thing and building in more group activities – allowing the young people to form lasting relationships with their peers!

We would like to wish Laura all the best in her new career and are pleased that the Activity Co-ordinator role has been left in safe hands with Kayleigh. Watch this space for news of what the children at Mayfield Children’s Home continue to get up to!