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Paul Sellars

Paul Sellars

Director / Owner

Paul had worked in finance for 30 years when he was contacted by his friend Janis, in 2006, to discuss Mayfield Children’s Home’s closure. Paul and Janis made an offer to purchase the home back in 2006 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Paul, along with Janis have grown PJL Healthcare from a small children’s home in 2006 with 5 residents and 20 staff, to two children’s homes and one respite service, offering care to over 20 children and young people, with 150 staff.

Paul frequently works alongside the Commissioning and Marketing team and loves a good tender! Paul continues to visit the homes at least weekly and enjoys being part of day-to-day running. Paul is the P in PJL Healthcare.

Paul’s favourite biscuit is malted milk.