Mayfield Children’s Home

Mayfield Children’s Home provides full time and respite care for children and young people with learning disabilities.  We offer individualised, child-centred care packages for children and young people with complex needs.

Our Aim:

The overall aim of Mayfield Children’s Home is to provide a safe, caring and loving home for children and young people from 5-25 years’ old. Our philosophy is to value each and every person for who they are as an individual and offer opportunities in life that may have otherwise been out of their reach. Mayfield Children’s Home continually strives to fulfill the Quality Standards and Children’s Regulations 2015 and this quality of care is backed up by our Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ rating.  We recognise the universal ambitions for every child and young person, whatever their background or circumstances. We are immensely passionate about providing excellent care and we feel this passion is reflected in our staff team and the length of time children and young people stay with us. Mayfield Children’s Home works with many local authorities to offer bespoke and prescriptive packages of care for children and young people who have experienced placement breakdowns and difficult early years.  We pride ourselves on providing positive placements and supporting these young people to achieve their individual goals. All children and young people are consulted for their views according to their ability and are included, whenever possible in all discussions and decisions that need to be made.  They are encouraged to attend a key working session each week where they have time with their own key worker on a one to one basis.  A house meeting is held once a month involving all the children and young people in that house with together with the house staff and Team Leader.

Statement of Purpose

This is our statement of purpose. It gives an overview about Mayfield Children’s home and information about our aims and objectives, our ethos and standards.

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I feel this is a very good placement for my daughter. They are both communicative and accessible. My daughters’ well-being is always a priority as well as all the other residents. I couldn’t think of a better place for her to be. I am very optimistic for my daughters’ future as a result of this placement and the commitment of the staff to each of the residents.

Mayfield Children’s Home is proud that Ofsted continued

to rate us OUTSTANDING at our latest inspection.

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Hear what people have to say about us!

I have visited several potential services and found that Mayfield would offer the most suitable care and environment that my son needs.

I have no doubt in my mind how my son has achieved so much – due to the care, kindness and dedication of each and every one of the staff at the home.

I find Mayfield provides a secure and homely environment for my son. It gives him the opportunity to see and mix with other people his age, not within a school environment….. The time spent at Mayfield is of great benefit to him and the family.

Wide-Ranging and varied opportunities for social activities and experiences ensure that the young people are living life to the full. In many circumstances, the young people are making progress that was not previously thought possible.

(Ofsted Report, 2019)

Facilities and Accommodation:

Mayfield Children’s Home is located in the rural village of Mayfield, East Sussex. The home has been adapted to ensure it is a safe, suitable, homely and enjoyable space for children and young people with a range of needs. It comprises of 5 self-contained houses within a small gated community within 2 acres of ground.  The philosophy of Mayfield Children’s Home is to create a home where the individual needs of each and every child and young person can be met in a caring environment whilst benefiting from the overall facilities offered by Mayfield Children’s Home and the ability to socialize in larger groups.

The accommodation at Mayfield Children’s Home is a mixture of 2, 3 or 4 bedroom houses.  One house is a dedicated respite house and one house is for transition of young people 18+.  All five houses have an individual remit to allow young people to be appropriately matched with similar young people based on age, needs and similar interests.  Each new young person that joins Mayfield Children’s Home is carefully assessed and matched to the specific house that best meets their needs.  Each house has a team of Key Workers and Support Workers, led by a Team Leader.

Each young person who lives at Mayfield Children’s Home is supported to have input to the decoration and furnishing of their own bedroom to reflect their interests, preferences and tolerance so that they can gain a sense of belonging and feel at home in their surroundings.