Mayfield Children’s Home is located in the rural village of Mayfield, East Sussex in grounds of just under two acres.  The Home has been adapted to ensure it is a safe, suitable, homely and enjoyable space for children and young people with a range of needs. It comprises of self-contained houses within a small gated community within 2 acres of ground. It has its own purpose built swimming pool, cinema/social room, small gym and a large garden with outdoor playing area with a range of outdoor toys and a vegetable patch providing fresh fruit and vegetables for the Home and an opportunity for the children and young people to experience gardening as well as an enclosed garden for those young people who prefer smaller spaces.

The home is divided into five homely, self-contained houses. The philosophy of Mayfield Children’s Home is to create a home where the individual needs of each and every child and young person can be met in a caring environment whilst benefiting from the overall facilities offered by Mayfield Children’s Home and the ability to socialise in larger groups from time to time.


A ground floor house with three single bedrooms, one bathroom, a lounge, a large kitchen and a separate dining room.


On the ground and first floor adjoining Poppy, Bluebell house has three single bedrooms and one bathroom upstairs with a lounge and a kitchen on the ground floor.


A house with two single bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a lounge.


A house with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a lounge, a dining room, a large kitchen and a separate activity room.


Located at the front of the Mayfield site, this house has two bedrooms (one on the ground floor and one on the first floor), one bathroom, a kitchen, lounge and dining room. (This house is used for short breaks).


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