Education is incredibly important for the children and young people who reside with PJL Healthcare and we place much emphasis on developing life skills that will equip them with the tools necessary to live a happy and independent life.

The children and young people that reside with us attend local schools and colleges as appropriate. The importance of education and learning is emphasised by staff and the young people are encouraged to achieve academically.

We also recognise how hugely important it is to prepare the young people at our Home for the future and equip them with the necessary life skills to lead a normal life. We teach them how to cook, clean, do laundry, how to shop, and use public transport, as well as emphasize the importance of environmental issues via the implementation of a recycling programme.

With our very own dietitian on hand, the children and young people learn invaluable skills to help them eat healthily and lead healthy lives.

Additionally, we encourage the young people to take up hobbies that they enjoy such as horse riding, trampolining, going on bike rides, singing in choirs or learning a musical instrument.