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Amy Robinson

Amy Robinson

Responsible Individual

Amy first began working as a Support Worker in 2009 and hasn’t looked back. Realising that there is nothing more important than supporting young people who live in a children’s residential setting to live safe, happy lives and have their voices heard, has driven Amy to work in a number of roles which allow her to make a positive difference to their lives.

Amy has been at PJL Healthcare Ltd since 2015 where she helped set up Framfield Children’s Home and became the Registered Manager, and was appointed as Responsible Individual for PJL Healthcare Ltd in July 2022.

Amy is passionate about building trusting and meaningful relationships, and believes that children and young people can only achieve their full potential when they are loved and have lasting connections with the adults looking after them. Amy’s focus is on making sure that any child’s experience of living in a children’s home is a good one.

Her fave biscuit is a chocolate hobnob (dunked in tea of course).