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Mayfield & Framfield — East Sussex 01435 872 201
Alethea Thomas-Giles

Alethea Thomas-Giles

Rota, Induction and Compliance

Alethea began her time at PJL back in 2009, starting out in reception and helping out with recruitment, before quickly adding shifts into her day with the young people at Mayfield.

After being convinced to move out of the office and work with the young people full time she was asked to join a new team at Framfield and begin life as the Deputy Manager. Alethea has spent the last 7 years at Framfield as Deputy and for a short period as Acting Manager before having some time to start her own family. She came back to Framfield in 2020 as Support Manager. Since July 2022 Leathy’s role has changed to Rota Induction and Compliance.

When not working she’s enjoys seeing the world and hanging out with her big family Alethea’s favourite biscuit is a triple chocolate cookie for that extra bit of indulgence!