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A Career in Support Work

You don’t need to have experience to join PJL as a support worker, just the right attitude and outlook – we use values based, safer recruitment strategies to select the right people for the job.  We support new starters with a comprehensive induction and six month probation with regular progress meetings and in-depth training.  After the six month probation, new starters are also supported to achieve their Level 3 Diploma in residential childcare, which is an industry recognised qualification and the start of the building blocks for a long and rewarding career.  We recognise that changing career is a big decision, so we asked a couple of new employees how they are getting on with their new career …

Josh Coleman – Support Worker – Mayfield Children’s Home

Josh Coleman

I see this job as a career, I’ve just started my diploma and when I’ve finished, I want to work my way up within the company.

I was nervous when I first joined but I’m now at the end of my probation period and I love it here. Everyone who works here is really friendly.  It’s not like going to work- I don’t feel like I am grafting for my money, it’s more like a family.

I learn so much every day. The first time I saw challenging behaviour was really difficult, but it’s actually really helped – I am so much more confident that I can deal with it well now. When I came back from paternity leave, I changed the house that I was working in which was great for improving my knowledge and skills because it meant I had the opportunity to see how the other houses worked.

My favourite part of the job is seeing the boys progress in Bluebell House. I am really looking forward to going out with them when the weather is better and Covid is less of a risk. 

I’ve just taken over Key Working with one of the young people which has been great, so I’d really love to be a team leader one day.

Charlotte Thompson – Support Worker – Part Time – Framfield Children’s Home

Charlotte Thompson

It’s great to feel like I am doing something rewarding and worthwhile, whilst having the opportunity to be trained and learn new skills.

I am really enjoying my role.  It is what I had thought it would be and more!  Although we talked about the home and what I would be doing in the interview, I don’t think you ever know exactly what a job entails until you actually do it, and every day is different.  The home is absolutely lovely, and I could not think of a nicer place to work. It is really beautiful, and you get deer, rabbits, pheasants and badgers in the grounds.

The young people we support and the other staff members are very friendly.  We all work together as one big team and this was particularly true when we had Covid in the home.  I feel like I am bonding with the girls, even on my first day they opened up to me a bit. Although there is lots to think about and paperwork and meetings, I feel just like I am their Auntie or big sister, I take them to school, college and clubs. It is just like a ‘normal’ family home. On a Friday night we have film night, hot chocolate, pampering sessions with face and hair masks. I am looking forward to being able to take them to the beach and go on holiday with them.

Although I loved my last job child minding, I really feel like I made the right decision to make the move to Framfield Children’s Home.  It is great to feel like I am doing something rewarding and worthwhile, whilst having the opportunity to be trained and learn new skills.  Although you are on the go all the time and you have to have your wits about you, the pro’s definitely out way the cons.