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What’s it’s like moving to Mayfield house?

7 things about being a Mayfielder

What’s it really like at Mayfield Children’s Home? We asked one of the children who recently moved in, 7 things about moving in to Mayfield Children’s Home and these were his answers.

Can you decorate your room?
Yes, you can have it however you like! My room is red with Pokémon characters!

Can you bring all your things with you?
Yes of course!

What’s it like at Mayfield Children’s Home?
It’s really fun, we get to play in the garden and play Lego and play on the Wii.

Do you get pocket money?
Yes! I use mine to buy Nerf guns!

Do you get to do fun activities?
Yes we do fun stuff, like go to McDonald’s and farms. My favourite activity is to go Bowling!

Are the staff friendly?
Yes! And they make good dinners!

What’s the best thing about living at Mayfield?
Christmas was brilliant! We had lots of presents and we also have good birthday parties with bouncy castles.