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Meet our adults

So, what are the adults like that look after us?  Here are the important things……

Mollie – the activity planner and the funny one. Camping champ!!

Sophie – the charity fundraiser of the house. The funniest!!

Niki – she does the best hugs. The squishy mushy Champ!!

Ashleigh – loves dogs. The dog dame!!

Georgia – very fun and loves arts and crafts. The creative champ!!

Rob – likes knobbly knees. The knobbly knees king!!

Karen – good at gardening. The gardening Queen!!

Kim – The gentle one. The Gentle champ!!!

Emma – the boss and she is also fun. The boss of fun champ!!

Claire – the beagle lover and always has nice dinners. The beagle champ!!

Rebecca – the queen of the kitchen. The cooking champ!!

Heidi – the storytelling one (I love listening to her stories!!) The story champ!!

Chloe – the fitness girl and she is very funny as well. The funny fitness champ!!!

Jess – the jester and the crystal lover. The crystal joker award!!

Charlotte – the theatre lover and the bouncy bright eyed and bushy tailed one. The dancing queen!