New Vision School is a unique new education service set in the grounds of Framfield Children’s Home in Framfield near Uckfield in East Sussex. There are over six acres of land on the attractive rural site and as many opportunities for outdoor learning as for learning inside the classroom environment.

New Vision School encourages pupils to achieve at the highest relevant level possible and we celebrate success with every pupil as they progress on their educational journey.  We support children with Social, Emotional & Mental Health (SEMH), Autism (ASD), Speech, Language & Communication difficulties (SLCN) and other complex needs.  Pupils generally live in the PJL children’s homes either at Framfield or Mayfield or are drawn from the local catchment area. In addition to this, children may be placed at New Vision School by any Local Authority if the Authority considers that the needs of the child are best met by us at New Vision School. Parental choice can also influence the placing of a child at the school and we welcome opportunities to work with parents to obtain the best education for their children.  

New Vision School is currently fully equipped to educate up to five pupils. We provide education across the whole curriculum and tailor the educational experience to each pupil as required. Our determination to ensure the communication needs of each pupil are met has led to the acquisition of and access to a range of technologies to support this foundation stone of learning. We have state of the art technology and equipment to assist with pupil learning, including a ‘Magic Carpet’ – an interactive floor based mat that can provide a myriad of sensory learning experiences to support education. Pupils who attend New Vision School can also access facilities at the nearby Mayfield Children’s Home site that include a hydrotherapy pool, sensory room and life skills area.

We never forget every pupil is an individual who requires a bespoke education that will remain a positive experience in their lives long after they leave our care. To that end we always strive to improve the quality of our provision and welcome comments and suggestions from pupils, parents, carers and of course Ofsted that will lead us to become an outstanding provider of education to children and young people with special educational needs who attend our school.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the school for further information or to arrange a visit. We are keen to work with relevant local bodies and are happy to provide further information as required we also always look forward to meeting new prospective pupils and their families and carers.