Enjoy Life

Participation in activities is seen as a way in which children and young people can enjoy life, learn new skills, develop and maintain a level of fitness, encourage social skills, team work and confidence and make positive achievements.

In the early stages of a child or young person’s stay activities will be based around what they like to do and, in particular, in what they have been successful in doing. Any special interest will be catered for, especially if these have been a feature in their lives prior to being a part of Mayfield Children’s Home. As the placement develops, the young person will be encouraged to undertake new, different and challenging pursuits in order to extend their skills and experiences and to give them confidence to try new skills in all aspects of their life.


The facilities both within Mayfield Children’s Home and in the locality offer an enormous variety of activities within easy access. Children and young people living at Mayfield Children’s Home are encouraged to participate in activities in which they are interested, supported at all times by staff.

Mayfield Children’s Home places great importance on the planning of child-centred activities. Specific programmes are discussed with each child and young person and planned in order to give a balanced range of activities, some familiar, some new. Each child or young person has an activity planner for every day to cover their time after school, at weekends and during the holidays.

We encourage the children and young people here to explore their local environment, enjoy the outdoors and experience what nature has to offer. In line with this young people take part in activities such as rock climbing, country walks and bike rides.